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Dave Feiling takes his photography to the next level by taking pictures of things that people take for granted. Dave Feiling’s pictures are mainly of everyday people doing their job. I found this to be inspiring because I feel his subject is an over looked nitch in our society. One of his pictures is of firefighters all standing with each other. This picture may sound simple but he effectively portrays each individual in the picture, by showing what task that they do. For example, the paramedics have a stethoscope around their necks and a first aid kit. While the firefighters have flashlights and rescue tools. In the picture Dave Feiling also effectively mixed male and female firefighters as well as male and female paramedics together in the same picture. The reason he did this was to show that though not as common women are still in the occupation.

I found that inspiring because through the picture, Dave Feiling is educating his audience while also capturing your interest through his visually pleasing work. Another element in the picture that was visually pleasing is how the paramedics are wearing blue. However in the other half of the image the firefighters are in yellow. I found this inspiring because he visually managed to split the image, while educating you about the differences of their positions in their job through color. I really love how he uses color to so effectively direct you through his images.  I also found it inspirational how Dave Feiling uses “weird” angel shots to help make visual interest in his shots.


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